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Functional Art

      The creative staff at T.J. Schultz Inc. can facilitate your artistic needs. Your home becomes an extension of you and if you are a creative person, chances are, it will show in the things that you incorporate into your abode. Some people look to others such as interior designers or architects to provide the uniqueness they are looking for in their home. Regardless of the origins of these ideas, you will usually need someone with skills and equipment beyond your own to execute the plan to realize your vision. It helps greatly if the professional that you hire empathizes with your creative impetus and will take the project as seriously as you do. We possess the qualities that you are looking for in a contractor to execute your artistic vision.

      We can be the passive collaborator you need to pick the medium that will suit your project best and figure out all of the functional details needed to facilitate your project. We have been fortunate enough to have been involved in many different projects of this nature and we would love to be involved in your next creative project.

      We can install architectural salvage, antiques, and art: one of kind pieces that they just don't make anymore in your home or business. Find really interesting pieces at architectural salvage retailers listed on www.doitgreen.org

      We can help you make sure that the items you have chosen will work in your home or business before you make your purchase. Larger projects can take a bit of planning. Going in unprepared will not end in project success, let us help you plan and make an informed decision. See some projects we have brought from concept to reality.



    Beyond our own woodworking skills we can collaborate with skilled artisans that specialize in wood carving, turning, dovetailing, and cabinet making.


    We have the capabilities to weld, cut, shape, and finish metal for most functional needs and the connections to facilitate your water-jet, laser, and CNC needs as well as shearing and bending of larger steel gauges. See some of our metal fabrications.


    The possible uses for glass in construction and art are endless- Stained glass fenestration, Glass block walls and partitions, custom blown glass sculpture and light fixtures, tile or decorative wall coverings. These are just some of the more basic applications of this versatile material. www.minnesotaglassart.org


    Finding a tile setter is not hard. Finding an artisan that can forsee the layout of the tile pattern and how it will interact with your room and the other mediums it will come into contact with is even easier, Just call us.


    What are acrylics? Acrylics are a plastic material like Plexiglass or Polycarbonate. Most often seen in retail applications for product displays and signage. Available in many colors, finishes, patterns and thicknesses, in solids and transparents. We are capable of cutting. machining, bending, glueing and heat welding this versatile material to suit your needs.See some of our Plastic fabrications or check out some cool raw materials. 3Form Materials - Ridout Plastics

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