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Project Design and Management

      T.J. Schultz has the experience and expertise to help you realize your project. Details are important even in small projects and we attend to the details. Choosing the correct materials for the application is as important to the completion of the project as the design of the project itself. There are many factors that inform design and material choices and T.J. Schultz can help guide you through the process and help provide samples and ideas. We can provide drawings or renderings of your project or proof-of-concept prototypes if required to help you visualize the final product. We will do all that is required to make your total vision into reality.

      Because T.J. Schultz inc. has a the big picture in mind, we can provide efficient project management even in cases where our craftsmen aren't doing all the work. Wether you are a designer with your own installers, or a homeowner that would like to complete some of the project yourself, we can help to manage workflow, keep track of details and fill in any gaps between the subcontractors duties. Completely custom work to off-the-shelf installation, T.J. Schultz can help you get it done right.

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