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Kitchen Remodeling

      The kitchen has become the new focal point of the modern home. It's not just a place to prepare meals anymore. This is where the kids do their homework before dinner and where the entertainment starts when the guests arrive. It might double as the mudroom, or the dock station for all of the technology that comes and goes with you each day. It can become the impromptu office when it's time to pay the bills. It could be a gift wrapping station, a pumpkin carving station, an art studio, even the pet or messy kid washing station. No doubt, this is where all the action is.

      With a T.J. Schultz kitchen remodel we consider the design to maximize your space, look, feel, and function. The physical work doesn't start until all the pieces are in place to install your brand new space. This is obviously a room that you canŐt live without, so we try to minimize your down time as much as possible with good planning and tight scheduling.

      We are not limited to any specific style. Whether it is craftsman, contemporary, classic, or retro, it will be done tastefully to fit the rest of your home as it exists or to accomodate future renovations seamlessly. Craftsmanship is key to any style and T.J. Schultz Inc. is the company you trust when craftsmanship and creativity are necessary.

      Kitchens have become quite complex over the years. Exhaust hoods that can effect your heating and air systems, multiple ovens, multiple dish washers, built in pull-out fridge, freezer, or warmer appliances, under cabinet lighting, accent lighting, backlit tiles and counters, T.V. and media, multiple sinks, on demand hot water, pot fillers, dual fuel range/oven systems, hidden outlets, in floor heat, built in espresso machines, counter warmers, trick hardware... It all comes together in one room. That's just the gadgetry. Beyond that, there is endless finishes, surfaces, textures, and mediums that can be used for the cabinetry, flooring, counters, and wall finishes to make a statement about you in a unique and aesthetically pleasing way. We do the details well. We will put it all together just the way you imagined.

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