Cabinet and Fixture Installation Services By T.J. Schultz Inc.

  • Are you spread too thin trying to do installations with your own staff and equipment?
  • Are you getting too many call backs because of your current cabinet installers?
  • Are your installers just over booked?
  • Are your installers costing you too much in damages and touch-ups?
  • Do you find that your current installers have technical limitations?
  • Are your installers lacking in some of the equipment that they should have to do the job right?
  • Are you working with installers that do not have the necessary work comp and general liability insurance?

Answering 'yes' to any one of these questions would be a good reason for you to try our installation services. The people in the field (in the client's home), installing your product, represent you and your company. We are professionals. We will make you look good.

Call Tristan at 612-710-0937 if you would like to set up a meeting to discuss how it is that we can help you.

What We Have To Offer You and Your Client.

  • Accountability. If we screw it up, we will fix it. We would cover the cost of any materials lost, miss-cut, or damaged by us. We would also cover any accidental damages that we cause to the clients property.
  • Professionalism. The little things make a huge difference to your client. Showing up on time, showing up with a plan, dressed appropriately, using proper etiquette, displaying some order... The client will worry less if they are confident that your installers have it all under control.
  • Structure. T.J. Schultz Inc. has been in the remodeling business for 8 yrs. We are in good standing with the state, the feds, and the BBB. We have the necessary general liability insurance, and all employees are covered by our work comp insurance. We are licensed remodeling contractors. All things that any business should have are in place for your protection.
  • Cleanliness. Often, the job site happens to be right in the middle of someone's home and we are mindful of the circumstances. We take necessary measures to keep the mess localized. We clean up after ourselves, and often times, after others as well on a daily basis.
  • Courteous. Etiquette and manners are just part of being professional. We take our shoes off at the door. We knock/ring before we enter at the beginning of the day. We are mind-full of the clients schedule, kids, pets, etc. We watch the language and keep the conversation light. We want the client to be comfortable with us working in their home.
  • Insight. We know how houses are built and what might be in the walls. This knowledge can prevent bad things from happening.
  • Skills. Give us your toughest installation. Columns, crown, egg and dart, dentil, scribes, on-sight fabrication, complex hardware, tight tolerances, do your worst... We won't let you down. Make us your special ops team.
  • Forethought. There is a unique strategy to each job. Taking the time in the beginning of the job to think through the project can save a lot of time and face in the end.
  • Equipment. We have everything you would expect your installers to have, and then some. Sometimes our high tech gadgetry is what impresses the client the most.
  • Creativity. Some jobs are just not very cut and dry. There might be a situation where you may have to be a little creative to make things work out in a way that is functional and yet still looks good in the end. This is where we save your bacon over and over again.
  • Beyond installation. We have other skills that can come in handy too. Be it welding, drywall, framing, painting, concrete, glass, whatever else you could possibly need for your project, we've got it if you need it.

Fax or e-mail us the plans to your up-coming projects so we can give you accurate pricing for installation. Call Tristan at 612-710-0937 if you would like to set up a meeting to discuss how it is that we can help you.