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      T.J. Schultz Inc. is a remodeling and repair contractor in the state of Minnesota. Among 15,000 other licensed contractors, you simply have to be better. We differentiate our business from others by providing better service, providing more services, doing better work and backing up our work.

      The cost of home remodeling, repair, and maintenance, can be an expensive investment. You expect professionalism and want someone who speaks your language and understands your goals and needs. You need to trust that the workers remodeling your house won't destroy your house while improving your property. You need piece of mind knowing that everything is under control and being handled efficiently by a knowledgeable staff that cares about the service they provide. This is what we offer.

      If you have projects, big or small, whether they are straightforward, or a little unusual, please let us take a look. For your convenience, we can schedule your visit for an evening or during the weekend to accommodate your busy schedule. We will explain our methods, practices, materials, and associated costs with as much detail as you wish and will happily provide you with a list of clients that can tell you about their experiences with T.J. Schultz Inc.

      To ensure your protection from liabilaty, all employees of T.J. Schultz Inc. are covered under liability insurance and workers comp provided by T.J. Schultz Inc. All subs working for T.J. Schultz Inc. are required to have sufficient liability insurance and workers comp on all of their employees.

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